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Have the big cricket bosses messed up again?

From what I can understand, 14 teams have been split in groups of two.

And each of the 7 play each other. The top 4 from each group go on to play the knock-outs in the quarters from there on.

Now I’m all for the quarters, I loved the 96 World Cup with the most superb one-day cricket in the quarters.

Don’t kill me, but I think the World Cup 2007 format combined with the World Cup 96 would be a brilliant combination.

16 teams. Groups of 4. Top two from each group into the quarters and so on. The only slip up here is that an upset can completely take a big team out of the competition. Remember 07?

But otherwise, 31 matches and we are done. One thing they could have learnt from the Champions Trophy was this.

In the present case, the teams play 42 matches before the quarters. And if the teams play to their ranks, those 42 are going to drag like crazy.

Although it’s not hard, it’s definitely better than the 07 World Cup format. No Super Eights or shit like that.

I have other crazy formats in my mind, but one of them involves crazy triangulars to decide the semi finalists. So I’ll let all that be.

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