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Before the tournament began, there was a lot of talk around how it was the time for the South Africans.

AB did it.

Greame did it.

Arthur made the mickey out of it.

Shaun Pollock did it.

Ashwell Prince’s half brother’s step-son did it.

Err, it kind of fell apart today. I know it’s not good to harp when they’re down but I’ll do it anyway. So, as it’s raining down in Centurion, hopes of South Africa putting up points today seems to have been washed away.

I caught some of the match, and I just kept getting the feeling that the Saffers kept taking SL way too easily. Like it was meant to be. As if the winner of the match had been written from the start.

And what is with not even bowling even a over with their spinners during the Power Play overs? They aren’t that bad, really.

Dilshan was fabulous. No mincing words there.

If anyone can explain me the logic of winning the toss and fielding while having two spinners in the side, please send me. No wait, what will I do with it, just post it to Smith and Arthur.

What is with South Africa and these blunders in the ICC tournaments. I’m sure Shaun will shudder at the thought. Hope Smith doesn’t have to do the same.

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