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When Zim won the first ODI, things looked interesting.

Really interesting.

False alarm, Bangladesh Shakibbed them so badly to end up with a 4-1 scoreline.

Now I know others played a part but when Shakib makes a 100 off 60 odd balls, how do you notice something else.

Shakib Al Hasan, I salute you.

How I could forget Zimbabwe getting all out for 44. That is what we call a shootout.

We never got to see the infamous Mumbai wicket come into action.

But then again, India had no Murali Kartik to do the part.

What do you make of this series?

Australia survive Indian tailenders, India blasts Australia, Dhoni and Yuvraj go back to 2005, India let their overconfidence do them in, Australia survive Sachin and 10 others faceless cricketers, India fail to survive a 8 30 start

Sure their were a couple of huge scores and one excellent match along with one Watson induced excellent match, but this series was too how should I say it? Nice?

When I heard Ponting complaining about the net services provided to him in the beginning I was rubbing my hands in glee waiting for it to blow up but nothing happened.

Dhoni’s too nice to say stuff, Praveen Kumar didn’t beat anyone up, and Harbhajan didn’t call himself the best batsmen in the world, Ricky’s become a model student, Yuvraj just seems to put on weight all the time, there was no Clarke around to charge Katich up, and I can’t even remember the other Australian cricketers. Screw them and their injury policy.

Now the only one who added spice was Siddle, spicy Siddle. I swear I saw smoke out of his nostrils once. He broke down too, what a pity.

Australia wanted to win, and they won. India did not like the 8 30 start so they were ultimately shit.

What is with a 4-2 scorline between these two sides. Do they like promoting a six match series or is it something deeper?

And don’t worry, this post is not because they beat Pakistan. Pakistan beats Pakistan.

They don’t require other teams to beat them, they just know how to do it. It clicks with them, because that’s what they are. When they win, you see Afrdi’s shampoo¬†sponsors happy, Younis makes jokes that make you laugh, and the world is good.

Now New Zealand on the other hand know exactly what to say.

Sample Southee recently:

“Pakistan have proved they’re a great Twenty20 outfit – they’re the world champions – and they’ve got the wood over us in the last few outings.”

Now I’m no Southee fan, I think he’s a New Zealand Broad but that’s me but I love how he’s completely removed all the attention from New Zealand and thrown it on Pakistan.

Sure Pakistan wins, no big deal, they’re meant to. They lose, hell New Zealand were the odds on favourites to lose miserably.

And this is what the Kiwis do so well, they just know what to say and when to say.

Something the South Africans and the English could learn to do so. You hear Swann making ridiculous statements all the time, Mickey Arthur is on another planet altogether where he gives advice to every team except his.

Australia really have toned down the talking now. They appreciate others now, what a dampener.

If there was an award for smooth talkers in cricket, I would give it to the Kiwis, from Fleming to Vettori and nearly every other Kiwi cricketer.

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