England? Aha, you expected the West Indies didn’t you?

Well, I like the West Indies, and though Bangladesh is better than the current West Indies side, I would much rather make fun of the English.

Presuambly, the Poms are going to have the distinction of the first 7-0 defeat across Odi’s. About time they set some records. If it hadn’t been for that shortened series in India, it would have been two 7 nils in nine months. And you think they don’t care about records.

If Bangladesh had been playing Australia, I would be willing to bet my house that they wouldn’t have lost a series 7-0. Wait, I don’t own a house. Atlease I’m safe that way. I think the only time I fear for odi’s is when England is playing them.  They are just so pissing off god damn boring. But well, the ICC probably thinks they are jolly good.  Bloody fools.

Who in this English team do you really want to watch?

Broad? I would kill myself if I had to ( but wasn’t he the new Flintoff?)