Welcome to Kiss My Cricket!

For all practical purposes, I’m Kit Kat and you can address me as Kit, Kat, KK or however may you please.

I have tried my hand at blogging before with some success, but laziness has the tendency to shoot me in the foot.

I love watching cricket, I love playing it, I love reading about it, and I love discussing it.

Wait doesn’t like every cricket blogger feel like that? Yeah, so who said I’m special. Just give me a couple of beers and a screen to watch cricket, and I won’t bother you. Did I say a couple, I meant a lot more, especially when England plays (I tend to grumble about England a lot).

There are like tons and tons of cricket blogs out there, and over time I guess I’ll start building up my links.

So unless my writing bothers you, say it with me : “KISS MY CRICKET!”

You know you want to.