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We have the most interesting Champion’s trophy going on in years and I’m having to hop one flight from another.

The only match I caught till now properly was the India-Pak and what a match. That was one hell of a classic.

England has shocked everyone, themselves included. How were they the first team to reach the semi’s? Are we living in a parallel universe where England plays decent one-day cricket. Have they got aliens playing for them? Or just the Irish?

Pakistan seem to be winning everything while giving free hits wrapped in wrapping paper.

Australia seem to have a rather mediocre team and still are just one point from a semi’s place.

India seemed to have the match against Pakistan in the bag when they decided to give a return gift for all the free hits.

Sri Lanka blew hot and I loved them for it. And then they blew so cold I couldn’t believe they were the same team.

New Zealand thought they could make the Group B more interesting by beating the Lankans and promptly did so. And injured Jesse in the process.

The West Indies are brilliant. That’s all. Please don’t look at their batting. They probably have the most exciting pace attack next to Pakistan. And they don’t give too many free hits either. Except to Mitchell.

And South Africa.. what have you done? Did I hear it correctly? No semi-finals? Again? When it was your time. Everyone said so. And I believed it this time.

I really hope I’m able to catch the semis and the final. It’s going to be one hell of a finish as long as the weather keeps true. Come on SA, please ensure that now.


Everyone should take a minute out of their lives.

Kemar Roach just bowled what has to be the ball of the tournament.

Shane Watson just stood looking dumbfounded.

I couldn’t help but let out a scream. The joy at seeing that in-swinging yorker was unbelievable.

I wanted a picture of Shane Watson after the dismissal, but nothing’s come up as yet.

Ultimate. A fast bowler shattering the stumps first ball.

Rated R for Violence and Sheer Brutality: Sri Lanka vs England. Starting soon.

If you’re English, stay away.

Yes, Sarcasm.

What I want is humilation.

I want Stuart Broad to start crying. I want Dilshan to Dilscoop him for a six each ball in a over, the last one being a no-ball, and then another six off the free hit with another Dilscoop. Go Dilshan, go one up on Yuvraj. Anything to take the piss off Broad.


How do I stop batsmen from treating me like fodder?

Mendis has an excellent first up record against most teams. You never know with England, he might end up taking a 10 for. If only Sangakkara would open with him. But records against England don’t count. Not worthy enough. And definitely not in odi’s.

Who remembers that match in England when England made 320 odd, and Sri Lanka chased it down in 38 overs. That would do, more abject the better.

“If you want sex but do not have someone to share it with, one option is to go solo whilst imagining you have a partner or a few partners who are as beautiful as you wish to imagine. No pillow talk and no hugging required … Just roll over and go to sleep.”

All from that by-now-famous-leaked dossier of Gary Kirsten’s.

At least the dossier’s frank about it. Going solo is as frank as it gets.

Mike Hussey needs to be taught about going solo :

“I have been away from home for four months so I reckon I’ve forgotten how to do it”

Achettup seems to have worked out Yuvraj’s injury at least.

Anyone venturing for Gambhir’s groin?

The Indians seem to be in the middle of an injury crisis.

Losing Sehwag obviously hurt, losing Yuvraj so close to the tournament hurts even more I bet.

This should completely turn over all the strategies Dhoni might have come up with till now.

Of course, Dhoni has generally been at his best when hopes have been low. So, while chances of India going too much ahead in the tournament seem to be really receding what with the terrible fielding and mediocre bowling, watch out for that magical wand of Dhoni’s. And what Tendulkar calls his bat :p

I saw Pakistan’s bowling today, and if that Centurion pitch on Saturday has something in it for the seamers, India should really not take Pakistan lightly. That kid Aamer was absolutely fantastic, it actually felt like watching Akram in his prime. Forget that it was against the West Indies, this was high quality stuff.

It seems to be that age-old theory true again : India’s batting against the Pakistan bowling.

That’s all, I got nothing to add to that. Just leave it hanging :p

Edit: They didn’t. Dammit. If only the West Indies played England.

Before the tournament began, there was a lot of talk around how it was the time for the South Africans.

AB did it.

Greame did it.

Arthur made the mickey out of it.

Shaun Pollock did it.

Ashwell Prince’s half brother’s step-son did it.

Err, it kind of fell apart today. I know it’s not good to harp when they’re down but I’ll do it anyway. So, as it’s raining down in Centurion, hopes of South Africa putting up points today seems to have been washed away.

I caught some of the match, and I just kept getting the feeling that the Saffers kept taking SL way too easily. Like it was meant to be. As if the winner of the match had been written from the start.

And what is with not even bowling even a over with their spinners during the Power Play overs? They aren’t that bad, really.

Dilshan was fabulous. No mincing words there.

If anyone can explain me the logic of winning the toss and fielding while having two spinners in the side, please send me. No wait, what will I do with it, just post it to Smith and Arthur.

What is with South Africa and these blunders in the ICC tournaments. I’m sure Shaun will shudder at the thought. Hope Smith doesn’t have to do the same.

When I read the headline for this article, I figured he meant England’s top player.

But NO, he means the world’s top player. And it’s apparently hard to look beyond Andrew Strauss for the top cricketer of the year. I had to re-read it 4 times to confirm what I just read.

So here’s Andrew Strauss’s record for Tests and Odis since August 13, 2008 to August 24, 2o09.

Averages close to 60 in 14 tests, of which 7 are against the Windies. Won’t take that away from him, the other 7 were against Australia and India. So it’s pretty decent (but definitely not Player of the Year decent). Oh I almost forgot, he also lost a series to the Windies. Maybe that’s a qualification for the awards.

All his odi’s were against West Indies, and really did those Odi’s ever hold any significance? In any case, he averaged 43 over them.

These Ashes are given way too much precedence. All England luckily managed to do was beat a less-than-decent Australian team which had already been beaten comprehensively by India and South Africa. I don’t know about everyone, but the Ashes were among the least quality of cricket series I have seen. It was a matter of who could play worse. Except for the crowd atmosphere and Ricky Ponting’s innings.

I’ll just link up to the 3 other players ODI and Test Stats in this period along with Strauss:

Gautam Gambhir: Tests, ODI’s

Mitchell Johnson: Tests, ODI’s

MS Dhoni: Tests, ODI’s

Andrew Strauss: Tests, ODI’s

If you only look at these 4 players, the top player has to be MS Dhoni. Captained over all 3 series wins against Australia, NZ, and England, while averaging 55 in Tests. And had a phenomenal ODI year averaging 60 and again having a fabulous record leading India under him (17 to 5 W/L ratio). Strauss has nothing on this.

Among the others, Johnson was fabulous in parts, but blew cold too many times against India and during the Ashes. Mind you, a very useful batsmen still.

Gambhir had a really great year Tests (averages 80+) but a mediocre ODI year.

So it’s a no-brainer really.

But wait, had the ICC not been on crack, AB De Villiers and Greame Smith would have made this list and Andrew Strauss would not.  But they are not, and if I had to pick the award would probably be between AB and MS.

Just for the record here are Smith’s and AB’s records:

Smith : Tests, ODI’s

AB: Tests, ODI’s

Before I finish, just some priceless Robbie quotes :

“As it is, given the nominees we have, it is fiendishly hard to look beyond Strauss.

England’s captain now occupies decidedly rarefied air. Among batsmen who have led their country in upwards of 15 Tests, only five – Don Bradman, Jayawardene, Sobers, Graham Gooch and Lara – have averaged more than Strauss’s 56.14.”

Oh my god, rarefied air? Haha? And when did the player of the year have to be compared to batsmen way before this time.  And you have to check out the XI he’s put up. Please, please kill me. He’s got that fucker Broad in his XI.

If Strauss wins that award, oh no, so sorry, I’m going to puke now.

Sri Lanka just seem to have suffered a massive defeat at the hands of Pakistan. Wow, that wasn’t too expected was it. I really had no expectations, having completely forgotten there were actually warm ups today.

So do you think that’s serious or just Sri Lanka playing around lowering the expectations around them.

Among others, the West Indies were beaten to pulp by the Saffas. Much more along expected lines. If only Gayle was around to teach a lesson chasing 388. Err wait, 388 would have have been beyond Gayle too.

New Zealand somehow lost to the Warriors. My money is on them beating SA in their first match and causing this huge ass upset.  That would make Group B great fun.

Oh no, no warm up matches for England! Getting thrashed by Australia was probably a warm up enough for crashing out of this tournament. I predict no upsets for you England sorry.

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